A revolutionary cleaning and disinfection system

The Steriexpert system includes disinfection devices and effervescent tablets that anyone can use to easily and safely fortify any private or work space against infectious diseases, such as Covid-19.
For more information and to purchase products: www.steriexpert.gr

Disinfection and Surface cleaning sprayers

Easily, quickly, and affordably disinfects all surfaces. The Steriexpert system includes two models of the handheld Victory Professional Electrostatic Sprayer, six models of the Xpower ULV Fogger, and the SteriFORCE JP-S20 Mini Mister Electrostatic Sprayer.

Disinfection and Air cleaning devices

These devices effectively disinfect and clean the air in large spaces, such as: hospitals, schools, stadiums, gyms, conference rooms, hotels, offices, etc. The Steriexpert system includes Xpower Air Movers with Ozone Generators and HEPA Air Scrubbers, and SteriFORCE Safe Air devices that sterilise, disinfect, ionise, and clean WITHOUT the use of ozone.

Effervescent Disinfection Tablets

For the more effective operation of the Steriexpert system, we recommend using Klorsept effervescent tablets that cover a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting. This combines revolutionary technology with the right chemicals, providing the easiest, safest, and most active way to disinfect facilities, while it can be used in smaller ratios in drinking water to disinfect fruit and vegetables, sterilise baby nutrition utensils, and clean catering industry spaces.