Multi-coloured crunchy candies with milk chocolate, ideal for sharing with friends!
One of the biggest chocolate brands in the world. If we put all of the M&M’s® consumed annually in a row, they would circle the Earth’s circumference … 73 times!

The brand’s unique characters will make you laugh!

In Greece, M&M’s® are available in three flavours, milk chocolate, peanut and crispy.


Snickers® is one of the leading chocolate brands in the world.
Since 1930, this unique combination of crunchy peanut, caramel and soft nougat helps us handle the difficulties we face when we are hungry.

Because … you’re not you when you’re hungry!


Double enjoyment of milk chocolate, biscuit and caramel in a single pack!

It goes great with coffee!


A light tasting, chocolatey temptation!

Light malt bites coated with milk chocolate, ideal for sharing with friends!


Milk chocolate with a soft nougat and caramel centre!

The first filled chocolate bar by the Mars family, produced in Europe since 1932.


The tropical taste of coconut covered in milk chocolate. Now available in dark chocolate, too!

Milky Way®

Created in 1923 and designed to resemble the flavour of malted milkshakes. The MILKY WAY® chocolate bar was named after a famous malted milk drink, not after the Milky Way! MILKY WAY® bars are prepared with malt-flavoured chocolate nougat and caramel, with a milk chocolate coating.

Uncle Ben’s®

Making rice convenient and tasty for over half a century.

From classic long-grain rice to cooking sauces with modern, gourmet flavours, UNCLE BEN’S® products make your meals tastier.