For clean and fresh breath!

Time to Shine with Orbit®!
Orbit® sugar-free chewing gum ensures the confidence you need to be at your best whatever you are doing!


5™ chewing gum was released in 2007, in the belief that when you dare to choose the unknown, you feel more alive. There are five seconds before you try something new; take a chance and push past your comfort zone. Your heart races, adrenaline rushes through your body. All of your senses become heightened. It’s terrifying. And exciting. Will you play it safe? Or will you dare to push past your comfort zone? The choice is yours. Make your life count with 5™ sugar-free chewing gum.


A selection of chewy bite-sized candies with a colourful coating. People have been enjoying candies Skittles ®for decades. Taste The Rainbow®.

Hubba Bubba

The delicious bubble gum with incredible flavours and exciting shapes!