An extremely grand high-quality vodka with an unaltered taste without additives. Produced in Poland from 100% Dankowski rye seeds (harvested from fields in the Galicia region). This unique wheat has been recognized since the beginning of the last century for the production of superior quality vodka, with a district and distinctive character. It is the only Polish vodka subject to extremely strict product origin control, according to the French AOC – Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée system.

Its distillery has one of the most modern and high rectification towers in Europe with a height of 36 meters.

The quality of SOBIESKI vodka is confirmed by the awards that won in recent years.



An excellent vodka that goes through 3 filtrations with active carbon filters before bottling and uses extremely clean and crystal water. All this technical process gives a high-quality vodka with unique purity.

Taste: Clean, soft and fresh
Aroma: Velvety with a sense of green peppers, botanicals and grains
Bottle: 700ml, Alc. 37.5%
Perfect Serve: Perfect with ice and suitable for cocktails



SOBIESKI PLATINUM with 40% alcohol, a vodka with extremely refined and delicate characteristics, thanks to the 7 filtrations that take place during the production process. The specific production process is what makes it such a special and high-quality vodka.

Master Rye Distillers put all their craft into making the distillation process bring out the character, depth and dimension of Polish rye, emerging the smooth flavors and velvety texture of SOBIESKI PLATINUM Vodka.

An extremely refined and delicate vodka thanks to the 7 filtrations that take place during the production process.

Taste: Delicate and creamy with notes of grain and pepper
Aroma: Sweet aromas with notes of vanilla and herbal elements such as grass and mint
Bottle: 700 ml, Alc. 40%
Perfect Serve: Perfect combination with ice