Pedigree® claims that every dog deserves a warm home and the best food to help it stay healthy and happy throughout its life. This is why, in collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians at the scientific WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, Pedigree® develops food that fully meets the nutritional needs of dogs.



Whiskas® knows and understands how much people love their cats. At the same time, it admires their independent spirit, which is why it takes care of their true nature. With its wide variety of recipes, Whiskas® provides a high-quality, complete and balanced diet that meets the special needs of your cat, at every stage of its life.



Small dogs are special and have specific needs.

Cesar® offers delicious and nutritional meals specially designed for small dogs. It offers a rich range of delicious recipes in pâté and in sauce that satisfy the appetites of all small dogs.


Sheba® has created a collection of recipes that will excite your cat.

With carefully selected ingredients and an exciting selection of flavours, Sheba® satisfies even the most demanding of cats.
Sheba®, utterly irresistible.


Treats for cats!

Discover your cat’s lively personality by offering it Catisfactions™!


KitekatTM is the secret weapon of every adventure-loving cat. A healthy meal with high-quality ingredients and lots of vitamins. To help your cat live its life to the fullest. No preservatives and no artificial flavours.


Each moist Frolic® croquette is simply delicious and nutritionally complete.

Moist Frolic® croquettes are made with fresh meat, carrots, cereals, vitamins and minerals. So, with a single bowl of Frolic® your dog will be full of energy. Plus, Frolic® is naturally tasty, as it does not contain any artificial flavours or flavour enhancers.


Cats love cleanliness and freshness, which is why they love CATSAN®.

With CATSAN® Cat Litter you can provide your cat with a hygienic and clean cat litter tray every day.

The unique granules of CATSAN®, made of natural quartz sand and chalk, absorb moisture like a sponge.