A high-quality refined distillate, made from the selected marc of aromatic Greek grape varieties, with the scent of white flowers and white-fleshed fruits, discrete citrus notes, and a unique taste with a soft, aromatic finish.

Soft, fine, clean, and honest, thanks to its double distillation in discontinuous copper stills, highlighting the varietal aromas of the grapes (Moschato, Malagouzia, Savvatiano, Roditis, Assyrtiko) from the land of Thessaly, Tsipouro Kalaitzi has been produced for almost a century using the same ingredients, the same secrets, and the same love for the craft.

Varieties: Tsipouro Kalaitzi without anise (40% Alc.) and Tsipouro Kalaitzi with anise (42% Alc.)

Available in 700ml, 200ml, 100ml, and 50ml bottles.