Ron Cubay

Ron Cubay was founded in 1964 in Santo Domingo to carry forward the culture and preserve the customs and traditions of Cuba. Santo Domingo is located in the centre of the island and so it was named “The Taste of the Centre” 

Since the beginning, it has been the pearl of Cuba and was intended only for the domestic market, while its production process is considered the cultural heritage of the state, with “Protected Designation of Origin Cuba (D.O.P. CUBA)”. The smoothness of its flavour and its quality make it unique and unforgettable. It follows the long-standing secret recipe of the Cuban Rum Masters, from the best type of sugar cane produced in the region thanks to the climate.

To date, it has been honoured with multiple awards due to the uniqueness of its production and ingredients. The final result gives Ron Cubay its character, flavour and the authenticity of Cuba.





Ron Cubay Carta Blanca 

An authentic Cuban Rum of the best in its class, with an almost clear colour influenced by its three-year aging period. It is ideal for mixing delicious cocktails such as daiquiris, mojitos, piña coladas and many others.

 Nose: sweet, pepper, spices, sugary toffee.   

 Palate: black pepper balanced by a cooling layer of toffee.  

 Finish: ground black pepper which lingers on the finish.

 Bottle: 70cl , Alc. 38%




Ron Cubay Añejo Suave

Ron Cubay Añejo Suave rum is aged for 5 or more years, of which two are in sherry casks. It is ideal for mai tai, rum old fashioned and, of course Cuba, libre.

Nose: Initially sweet caramel, vanilla and honey aromas, followed by peach and sweet pineapple aromatic notes and finally a mix of leather and tobacco aromas.

Palate: On the palate there are rich notes of freshly ground coffee, spices, oak, burnt caramel and intense vanilla.

Finish: Charred oak, cedar and rich honey.

Bottle: 70cl , Alc. 37.5%







Ron Cubay Reserva Especial

Añejo Reserva belongs to the premium class of the Ron Cubay series. It is aged in North American oak casks for 10 years. This excellent rum has a complex aroma of spices, vanilla and honey.

Nose: strong, honey, peach, brown sugar and when “rested” exudes a strong vanilla flavour.

Palate: Toffee, spices, oak, and even more vanilla

Finish: very long vanilla and liquorice finish

 Bottle: 70cl , Alc. 40%





Ron Cubay Extra Añejo 1870

Aged for 18 years, this is the ultimate choice of Ron Maestro Cesar Marti. An excellent Cuban rum from the Ron Cubay series, created to gain a place in private collections and in the best bars in the world. It stands out for its excellent structure and its delicate texture, as well as for its sweet and fruity notes.

Nose: Intensely sweet and fruity aromas of ripe tropical fruits with an underlying spicy and oak aroma.

Palate: rich and smooth with notes of tobacco, nuts and oak

Finish: a long-lasting and perfectly balanced finish with strong emerging elements of plum and passion fruit.

 Bottle: 70cl, Alc. 40%