MAJUNI – Τhe Greek Botanical Spirit

Bittersweet. The Taste of Life.
Majuni. An apocryphal recipe the roots of which are lost in the dark depths of history, having travelled silently from one generation to the next, found its way into the hands of an uncompromising distiller.
A recipe for an elixir that masterfully balances between the elegance of an apéritif and the dynamism of an authentic digestif, making each moment unexpectedly magical.

Stichion – Premium Mastiha Spirit

AUTHENTIC to the last drop
The purity of nature, the wisdom of the past, and the quality of modern beverage production came together to produce a premium mastiha beverage that is one of a kind.Stichion is made from exceptional raw ingredients, joined together in a sweet, robust, crystal clear 26% Alc. beverage, that honours its long journey and origins through its uniqueness. The distinct bottle, the design of which was inspired by the trunk of the mastic tree, holds within it all the authentic tradition of Mastiha, in a refined and uniquely balanced result: A velvety distillate that speaks directly to your heart and your palate.

Kentri – Premium Honey Spirit

Fires you up!

KENTRI is a singular combination of flavours. An authentic taste full of contradictions. On the one hand, there is the sharpness of an excellent double distilled grape marc distillate, and on the other, there is the sweetness of honey. Its sweet “sting” (kentri) on the tip of your tongue when you take a sip is uniquely stimulating! The clove and cinnamon add a smooth balance to the aftertaste, that “little extra something” that makes all the difference. KENTRI takes you on a journey of the senses and aromas, an adventure through flavours with unexpected turns.